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** Your website package includes the Domain names: .com, .net, .org, .ca.  If you live in Australia  and would like .com.au please click here to order
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Step 2
Email us your preferred Domain Names (.com .net .org .ca .us), and Email choice. It is best to send us more than one choice, in case the first one you want is not available. Please specify your order of preference. 

Email your preferred domain name and email addresses to admin@myzensite.com 

Australian Web addresses: if you would like to have a .com.au please read more

Step 3
Once your Domain Name has been registered we will email you your log-in details.
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If you have a Domain name already, want to transfer it to us, or redirect it yourself, click here


 Please email your IICT member number to admin@myzensite.com  

Once your order has been processed then email us your preferred Domain Name (.com, .net, .org) and email address.

If you would like to have a Domain name that ends in ".com.au" this is an additional $49 per year, please read more

Select Your Website Package only $70 for the first year

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 Australian Domain Names  .com.au

If you live in Australia and want to have your Domain name end with .com.au, the Australian governmnet requires that you order this in a two year package.

Unfortunately we are unable to include this in our $100 package and the domain names have to be ordered seperately for $49 per year. As the Australian Government requires .com.au to be secured in two year blocks the total order is $98.

* You must have an ABN number to have this Domain Name option.

Australian Domain Name (required in 2 year block) total $98 USD


 Domain Names 
Note The rate of website package will not be adjusted even if you continue to
              manage your Domain Name yourself.

  Transfer the management of your Domain Name to be managed by myZensite.com 
> please email admin@myZensite.com for guidance

B.  Continue to manage your own Domain Name yourself

>    Make sure you set the nameservers on the domain name server to:

> please email admin@myZensite.com for guidance