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What others have to say: 

Thanks for the opportunity to set up my own website for a reasonable price.

I know I will improve it as time goes on and I have more time. In the meantime it is a brilliant tool to have. I have previously worked in a corporate environment where websites cost a fortune. I have a friend with a website and every time she needs to change something on it, is charged $500+.

Thank you for your quick response. I am quite excited about my website. No doubt I will be telling my friends about it and your service.

THANK YOU....What a wonderful service!!!!!  I only requested this at around 3pm yesterday afternoon and whilst I still have to complete some pages it will be up and fully functional very soon.
Karen Telferkarentelfer.com

Thank you very much for your extremely prompt and professional assistance with this matter - I have been 'trying' for weeks and months to get this up and happening - obviously wasn't dealing with the right people - and then you presented yourselves. Would highly recommend your service!!