features of website package

Select your own website
Edit your content 24 hrs a day
Publish your changes online


Your Professional Website Package
                                  only $100 per year  

No Set Up Fee
  No Hidden Costs

No Set up Fee, No Hidden Fees, No contracts, No Tricks! 
Only $100* per year includes:

>  Website (your own website with multiple web pages)
>  Hosting (the platform in cyberspace that your website is held at)
>  Domain Name (the web address ie www.yourname.com) 
Easy to Use

Easy to use

You are able to edit the content and look of your website 24 hours a day!

With the unique content management system you can change and format your text, add or change photos, add links and even create your own shopping cart via Pay Pal.

You are able to change the content of your website as often as you want!
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Website Design

Over 25 Website Layouts to choose from

There are
over 25 different website designs to choose from which have been designed for natural therapists.

You are able to change the Banner image (main image) to your own photo or logo to personalise the website if you want.
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Image(s) / Logo

Add images

You are able to add unlimited photos and images to your web pages
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Web Pages
Web Pages

Create as many web pages as you want within your website
Customise Your Website Design

Customise Your Website Design

If you want to personalise your website even more, you can customise the banner image (repeated on each web page) to be changed to an image of choice.
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Includes Hosting

What is Hosting

Your hosting is included so your website will always be online. This means that you will not have to worry about how your website is managed in cyber space, and that it will be reliable and quick.

If the website were a house and the web address the postal address, then Hosting would be like the land the website sits on.

Includes Domain Name


Includes Domain Name. Your web address .com .ca .net .org
eg www. yournamehere .com

We are able to register .com.au for Australian specific websites for an additional $49 per year. Due to Gov't regulations the domain name needs to be orderd in two year blocks. This does serve an advantage in marketing within your country.

Includes Email addresses 

Personalise your email

Includes 2 personal email addresses of choice
eg info@ yourname .com